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Hawk Carts

Hawk Carts is a locally owned and operated Australian company that sells and delivers electric golf carts.

Our vehicles are high quality, stylish, and offer great value for money.

For the best in Australian electric golf carts, call today on (02) 4632 7233.

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All Terrain Carts - Sydney | Australia-wide

Hawk Carts takes pride in our full range of electric golf carts, recreational cars, and off road carts. Based in NSW, we deliver our carts Australia wide. As the only provider of high quality carts here in Australia, we take great care to ensure that our product range is absolutely top of the line. Our vehicles are subject to stringent quality control measures during manufacture that are internationally recognised.

From start to finish, we ensure that our carts meet these high standards. We use individual computer analysis and ensure that all vehicles are vigorously all terrain tested. You can be sure you’ll get the best quality golf carts with us. Our range is entirely made up of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the way of the future - they are whisper quiet, easy to operate, and have a significantly lower environmental impact than other vehicles.

With less than 50 moving parts, our vehicles are also really easy to maintain. Simply plug them into a regular power point overnight to wake up to a fully charged cart in the morning. Hawk Carts is at the cutting edge of golf cart technology, as we constantly review and improve our designs. With a 12 month warranty, and options to customise your vehicle, our carts are absolutely the best available in Australia.

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Single seat cart - From Brisbane to Adelaide

Hawk Carts offer a full range of electric carts including:

  • Single Seat Golf Carts
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • All Terrain Carts
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Golf Buggies

Hawk Carts delivers via express post or with a courier to any location in Australia.

Please visit our website to view our full range of vehicles.

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Electric golf cart - From Perth to Melbourne

Hawk Carts has a great name in Australia for high quality electric carts.

Choose us when you want the very best in electric golf buggies.

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Call now on (02) 4632 7233.

You can also make an enquiry online - simply visit the Contact Us page.

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